We help managers and their teams go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and productive

Coaching and training for resilience and productivity.

In today’s professional workplace, the demands put upon us and our teams can be overwhelming making us feel ill and miserable at work. As a manager, you may feel ill equipped to deal with stress in your team and you may worry that the lack of productivity in the team will reflect badly on you and your leadership.

You should be able to be happy and productive at work and managers shouldn’t have to worry about how to protect their teams from excessive workload but leaving stress and overwhelm unchecked can lead to sickness, absenteeism, poor performance and ultimately burnout. This impacts upon you and the rest of the team and can lead to a vicious cycle of overwork.

We can teach you how to use simple coaching and productivity tools to support your teams for resilience, and empower them to use these tools for themselves so they can have better conversations, manage their time better and change their response to stressful events.


We also deliver the Shapes Toolkit training for doctors and healthcare professionals. Please visit our Shapes For Doctors website for more info and resources.
Shapes For Doctors

What we offer.

Keynote speaking

Expert talks on Resilience by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP with 15 years of seeing patients who were ill because of stress at work and decided to do something about it.

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Shapes Toolkit

A series of wellbeing, resilience, productivity and coaching tools to help you and your teams to thrive. Inlcudes face to face and online courses.

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One to one coaching

We help you identify where you can make the largest impact and regain your sense of enjoyment of life and work.

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The Shapes toolkit programme.

The Shapes Toolkit training is a one day interactive resilience workshop. It gives managers and their teams a complete toolkit to help be more productive, take control of their work and beat stress and thrive. Each Shape represents a simple coaching model that you and your teams can use to help you in your day to day work.

Life is short. We spend much of it at work. You can thrive where you are. Right now. In the 9-5 you already inhabit.

Introduction to the Shapes

These 7 shapes provide the tools and mindset to help you and your colleagues to thrive

The zone of power
The vortex
The coaching pentagon
The drama triangle
The prioritisation grid
In the corner
The stressors hexagon

Interesting and insightful on all levels – work and personal.

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