Here are all the ways we can support you and your teams to become more empowered and resilient in your workplace.

We offer a number of ways to access our training and coaching. Get in touch if you would like to have a quick no-obligation chat.

Keynote speaking

Expert talks on Resilience by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP with 15 years of seeing patients who were ill because of workplace stress and decided to do something about it.
She offers keynote talks on subjects such as ‘Staying mentally fit at work’, ‘How to increase your resilience and productivity in 60 minutes’, ‘How to be Happy at Work’ and ‘How to thrive rather than just survive in challenging times’.
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The Shapes toolkit programme

The Shapes Toolkit programme includes a series of wellbeing, resilience, productivity and coaching tools to help busy professionals and their teams thrive in their work.
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One-to-one coaching

We can offer bespoke one-to-one coaching for resilience to help busy professionals develop and diversify their career, and maximise their resilience and productivity to really thrive in their work.
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Online courses

Courses designed to help professionals and their teams beat stress in their workplace and develop a career that they can thrive in. Courses includes one-to-one coaching, online group forums, peer and email support.
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